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Muse Summer Sale 2023

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  1. Celeste Stacking Bangle CZ (Small) - Muse Shoe Studio
  2. Marbella Bangle(Small)
  3. Palermo Bangle Gold (Medium)
  4. Soho Bangle Gold (Small)
  5. Soleil Stacking Bangle Gold (Medium)
  6. Soho Bangle Gold (Large)
  7. Palermo Link Bracelet Gold
  8. Monaco Bangle Jade (Small)
  9. Savoy Bangle CZ (Medium)
  10. Savoy Bangle CZ (Small)
  11. Palermo Demi Link Bracelet Gold
  12. Savoy Bangle CZ (Large)
  13. Ivy Stone Bangle Obsidian Black (Small)
  14. Milano Bangle Chalcedony Blue (Small)
  15. Havana Bangle (Large)
  16. Tudor Tennis Bracelet in Peacock Blue
  17. Trieste Bangle (Medium)
  18. Trieste Bangle (Small)
  19. Monaco Pearl Bangle Medium)
  20. Colette Bead Bangle (Small)
  21. Monaco Bangle Jade (Large)
  22. Mykonos Bangle Coral (Small)
  23. Palermo Pearl Bangle (Small)