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Muse Summer Sale 2023

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  1. Crescent Hoop Gold (Medium) - Muse Shoe Studio
  2. Soho Hoop Gold (Small)
  3. Turquoise and coral glass small hoop earrings
  4. Geometric jasper and magnesite earrings
  5. Trieste Hoop Medium
  6. Windsor Hoop Cubic Zirconia (Medium)
  7. Astor Hoop & Charm Earring
  8. Havana Hoop (Medium)
  9. Havana Demi Doorknocker Earring
  10. Astor Doorknocker Earring
  11. Soho Demi X Stud
  12. Palermo Delicate Doorknocker Earring
  13. Bee Hoop (Medium)
  14. White and Opal Earrings
  15. Windsor Clip On Earring Gold
  16. Purple and Gray Post Earrings
  17. Palermo Hoop Large
  18. Palermo 2-in-1 Earring Gold
  19. Palermo Statement Doorknocker Earring
  20. Palermo Doorknocker Earring Gold
  21. Palermo Statement Earring Crystal
  22. Mykonos Hoop Coral Medium
  23. Brass Leaf Post Earrings
  24. Marbella Hoop & Charm Earring Iridescent Chalcedony Blue